Questions & Answers

Q. Does This Really Help Prevent The Spread From Covid-19?

A. Yes, This product does help prevent the prevent of Covid-19. This product divides the spacing in the car from the passenger and the driver so both the passenger and driver are at a less of a risk of coming into contact with Covid-19. This product is a fully enclosed transparent isolation curtain, made to protect the passenger and the driver from any type of virus.

Q. How Long Will The Product Take To Get Shipped?

A. As soon as you place your order we will ship your order out to your address. please allow 9-12 days for your product to arrive.

Q. Who Is This Product Designed For?

A. This product is designed for drivers (Uber Drivers, Lyft Drivers, Taxi Drivers, And any person that drives around many people). This product is made so that the passenger stays comfortable and safe. Aswell as the driver stays safe from contacting any virus throughout the day as the driver comes into contact with many people during the day.